Lumina Trail is a brand-new party sales company. We offer the opportunity to have your very own business as an Independent Guide with Lumina Trail.

Lumina Trail has a beautiful assortment of energized treasures available for purchase easily on our website.

Lumina Trail exists to increase the positive energy and peace throughout the world.  To give hope and to show love and compassion. We will do this through community.   Life does not need to be lonely; through the light, we are all connected.  We all care and are cared for.  Though this connection is powerful, we are not always aware of its presence and untold power.   When we are awakened and shown the way on the lighted path (Lumina Trail), we learn that we are not alone; we have never been alone.

Perfectly imperfect is humanity, and it is wonderful.   You are wonderful.  You are important.  You matter.  You belong.  You are LOVED.   You are Lumina Trail.

When self-love is actualized, the power to help others onto the lighted trail of belonging flows abundantly.   It is now possible to bring others into the light and to help them feel what has existed all along; their connection to others and their belonging.   In this, they will feel their importance and accept their perfect imperfections to find peace and fulfillment.

In this, you have made the world not only a better place for yourself, but for an infinite string of souls who are awakened to their belonging in this world and help them to realize their infinite worth and self-love.

Your life potential is limitless; you need to love yourself enough to acknowledge your born-belonging in this beautiful light-filled world and to realize your awesome potential.