Grid Pack – Positive Energy


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Product Description

Included in this Positive Energy Grid Pack:  Stones – 1 Quartz Point, 2 Amethyst, 3 Labradorite, 2 Hematite.  Also, 1 Lumina Cloth a Knowledge Card & Bag

The Positive Energy Grid pack are specially created to help you increase positive energy in your life and in the lives of those you love.   The pack comes pre-charged for your greater good.  You will hold the stones in your hand and envision the peace and positivity you wish to surround you, as if you already have it.   Picture your peace and positivity while placing the stones on the Lumina Trail Flower of Life Grid Cloth.    Lay the stones in any pattern that feels right for you.

The Positive Energy Grid Pack comes with a powerful assortment of 8 stones ($40 value) and a flower of life 12″X12″ Lumina Trail Cloth Grid (value $20)