Pocket Pack – Abundance and Wealth


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Product Description


Included in this Abundance and Wealth Pocket Pack: Stones – 1 Quartz, 2 Citrine & 2 Aventurine


The Lumina Trail Abundance and Wealth pocket packs are specially created to help you increase abundance in your life.   The pocket pack comes pre-charged for your greater good.  You will hold the stones in your hand and be thankful for everything wonderful that you wish to have, as if you already have it.   Picture your happiness, financial security, peace or anything else you desire while holding the stones.

Keep the stone pack in your pocket, purse, car, under your pillow (please keep out of reach of small children as the stones are a potential choking hazard), or placed around your home to increase Abundance and Wealth in your life.  The Fertility Pocket Pack comes with a powerful assortment of 5 stones ($25 value



Quartz – To amplify the effects of the other stones

Citrine –  Known as the success stone.   It manifests success and abundance, often in unexpected ways.  One of the few stones that will not absorb negative energy, thus will help maintain positive energy at all times.

Aventurine –  Inner strength and positivity.  It enhances the creative side.  Increases intellect and mental clarity by allowing the holder to see all paths possible.  A stone of prosperity and success.  A stone of good luck.


These beautiful and energized Pocket Packs were carefully created to help give a boost of exactly what you need each day.

Lumina Trail’s Pocket Packs each contain carefully chosen stones that work together with their intentioned energy for your greater good.