Pocket Pack – Positive Energy


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Product Description

Included in this Pocket Pack: Stones  – 1 Quartz, 2 Amethyst, 1 Labradorite & 1 Hematite


The Positive Energy Pocket Pack comes with a powerful assortment of 5 stones ($25 value). The Lumina Trail Positive Energy Pocket Packs are specially created to help you increase positive energy in your life. The pack comes pre-charged for your greater good. You will hold the stones in your hand and envision the peace and positivity you wish to surround you, as if you already have it.

Keep your pocket pack in your pocket, purse, car, under your pillow, or placed around your home to increase peace and encourage relaxation in your life (please keep out of reach of small children as the stones are a potential choking hazard).


Quartz – To amplify the effects of the other stones
Amethyst – To provide a calm and balanced peaceful energy.  To aid with patience during the day.
Labradorite – To bring out the best in one’s personality.   To increase intuition and one’s ability to see things clearly.  Clarity throughout the day.
Hematite – To ground and protect.   This stone will connect you with the Earth and allow the bad to flow out easily while allowing the good to flow in.   It will protect from negative energies of others.

These beautiful and energized Pocket Packs were carefully combined to help give a boost of exactly what you need each day.

Lumina Trail’s Pocket Packs each contain carefully chosen stones that work together with their intentioned energy for your greater good.